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Collection Points - Porto :: Vila do Conde

Germano de Sousa Group - Laboratory Medicine Centre, has about 450 collection points throughout the whole country. You can collect blood and do other clinical analysis in any of our collection points.

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Schedules may be subject to change without notice. Therefore we advise you to contact the Test Centers by telephone before visiting.

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Collection Points for: "Porto - Vila do Conde" (2 results)

Posto da Clinica Nª Sra. Guia


Clínica de Nª Sra. Guia

Avenida Comandante Coutinho Lanhoso, Vila do Conde

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Tel.: 252 632 101
Email: clinica.guia@gmail.com

Posto de Labruge


Rua 25 de Abril, nº 270, 4485-304 Labruge

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Tel.: 229 284 699
Tlm.: 969030816
Email: laq.porto@germanodesousa.com