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Germano de Sousa Group - Laboratory Medicine Centre, has about 450 collection points throughout the whole country. You can collect blood and do other clinical analysis in any of our collection points.

Due to the moment we are all going through with the COVID Pandemic19, the opening and collecting times may have changed and not be updated, in this sense we apologize for any inconvenience caused

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Collection Points for: "Coimbra - Montemor-o-Velho" (3 results)

Posto da Clinica Oliveira Ribeiro


Rua de Arazede, nº 1674, Brunhosa


Tlm.: 932 010 710

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Posto de Carnide


Rua da Igreja, nº 5, 3105 - 028 Carnide


Tel.: 236 096 477

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Posto da Almagreira


Largo são Pedro n.º 12 fração A, 3105 - 004 Almagreira


Tel.: 236 096 543

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