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Clinical Analysis

In Germano de Sousa Group - Laboratory Medicine Centre, you can do a wide range of clinical analysis with the highest Quality and Accuracy.
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Need to do clinical analysis and have questions?

Medicines interfere with the Laboratory results?
A few, yes. For instance the antibiotics and the anti-inflammatory interfere with the blood coagulation tests, usually required in preoperative. So, whatever medicines you are taking, inform the collection technician before the collection. If one of them interferes, you need to talk with your doctor about the possibility of suspending it for some days. If the suspension is not possible, this fact must be considered in the assessment of the result.
Can we do blood tests with flu, cold or fever?
Yes, of course. Some tests, are even requested exactly because the person has a fever. The intention is verifying if there is any infection responsible for that. However, in some circumstances, the disease responsible for the fever can interfere in the tests intended to assess metabolic and immunologic elements. In case of doubt, talk with your doctor or laboratory before doing the test.
Urine can only be collected in the laboratory?
It depends on the kind of test. For laboratory culture, the ideal situation is the urine collection in the laboratory. But for urine type ll, the most usual, it can be collected at home.

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