Unit of Flow Cytometry

The Unit of Flow Cytometry complements the diagnosis, the prognosis and monitors the therapeutic in the following areas:

Immunology (expression of CD20 on the cells B after therapeutic with anti-CD20, HLA-B27, functional study of cells T, B and NK);

Primary and Secondary Immunodeficiency (quantification of the lymphocytes T CD4, CD8 and gamma/delta, of cells B and of cells NK, characterisation of the cells B in the naive compartments, memory and plasma blasts and expression in these ones of IgG, IgM and IgA;

Haemato-oncological (chronic lymphoproliferative syndromes T, B and NK: calculation of clonality, phenotype classification, prognosis and minimal residual disease. Acute leukaemia: phenotype characterisation, diagnosis of "rare" leukaemia - dendritic cells, plasma cells, mast cells - prognosis and study of the minimal residual disease. Myelodysplastic Syndromes: diagnosis and classification of the World Health Organization (WHO) - OMS.  Monoclonal gammopathies: differential diagnosis between MGUS and Multiple Myeloma through the characterisation and quantification of pathology and normal plasma cells. Study of the ploidy of the DNA and of the percentage of plasma cells in the phase S of the cell cycle.