Laboratory of Microbiology, Micro bacteriology and Clinical Parasitology

The main role of the Laboratory of Microbiology id the diagnosis and the related treatment of the infectious disease. Fits in the needs for a prompt and accurate reply with the strict technical guidelines used, since the samples collection till the identification and study of the antibiotic resistance of the infectious agents

So and in addition to the General Bacteriology, the Laboratory of Microbiology develops two main areas adding the Micro bacteriology and Parasitology to the General Bacteriology.

In the Micro bacteriology, the Laboratory identifies, does the genetic typing and the sensitivity to the antibiotics doo Mycobacterium Tuberculosis and other Micro bacteria cause of the tuberculosis in immunocompromised patients. In the Parasitology area, the Laboratory identifies and differentiates the intestinal parasites, or with other origin namely the blood parasites.

In the course of its activity, the Laboratory of Microbiology has a qualified, experienced and highly specialised medical team, as well the more sophisticated technological means of the market.