Laboratory of Chemical Pathology

The Laboratory of Chemical Pathology is responsible for the great majority of the laboratory parameters that allow the diagnosis or monitoring of several pathologies.

Covering functional areas such as: Biochemistry, Allergology, Endocrinology and study of the tumour biomarkers, the dosage done in the Laboratory of Chemical Pathology allows to identify conditions as for example diabetes mellitus, risk factors for heart (coronary) diseases, hepatic pathology, renal diseases, allergy among many others.

Using the latest technology and performing methodologies in accordance with the highest quality standards, we assure the reliability of our results.

The Laboratory of Chemical Pathology appears as a differentiating unit in areas such as: Study of the lipid profile and Dyslipidaemias, Study of the risk factors for heart (coronary) disease, Allergology study and most recently, in the study of the anti-aging profile.